19 Bold Ideas for Change in Education

By Will Richardsonchange in education

The beginning of the school year is as good a time as any to be more “bold” instead of old in your learning and teaching, and if you’re looking for some starting points, this video might help.

If we’re to effectively lead our students into their connected learning lives, we need to own those connections for ourselves. What if this year you started talking to strangers, people online who share your interests who might be great collaborators and teachers in your life?

Or what if for one assessment, you let kids use the connected technologies they have in their backpacks? Or make up your own. Either way, make this school year one where you commit to doing something that pushes your thinking around teaching and learning.

Watch this very short keynote at ISTE 2012 conference. How does this inspire you to take action?

The 19 points in order for your reference and reflection …

  1. Give open network tests
  2. Roll your own text
  3. Be Googled well
  4. Flip the power switch
  5. Change the world
  6. Don’t “Do your own work”
  7. Learn first. Teach second.
  8. No more workshops
  9. Share everything
  10. Ask questions you don’t know the answers to
  11. Repeat after me … “I want to be found by strangers on the Internet”
  12. Unlearn. Relearn.
  13. Résumé. Shmesume.
  14. Stop Googling. Get a network.
  15. Go free and open source
  16. Create an “UnCommon Core”
  17. Don’t deliver … discover
  18. Disrupt the system
  19. SCREAM!





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