About This Site

Learning Personalized is all about giving a voice to teacher-leaders, administrators, and students doing amazing things.

So often, I come across these individuals and they are surprised I would ask them to be a part of the Learning Personalized community by sharing their stories. They can’t believe I would want to feature them because what they are doing isn’t refined. It’s a process. It’s … messy.

The truth is that showcasing that messiness is what Learning Personalized is all about. If every educator or administrator believed personalized learning had to be refined to be worth it, no one would try. There is great courage, heart, and vulnerability to open up your practices out to the light of day to reflect on current impact, release comfortable but worn out approaches, and reimagine with others.

About Learning Personalized


Writing for Learning Personalized

How do I choose writers for Learning Personalized? Quite honestly, I rarely have to “choose.” Typically, I stumble across someone doing something amazing and am compelled to invite that individual to become a guest blogger. At the same time, it is fantastic when bloggers are brought to my attention by colleagues.

Ultimately, those who do become contributors to Learning Personalized have the following characteristics:

1. Passion

It is an unbridled enthusiasm paired with a willingness to imagine possibilities with students that is the universal heartbeat for the ideas and inspiration that trickle down to others. The process of sharing that passion with the Learning Personalized community not only benefits others, it benefits the blogger as they think through how their ideas can translate to others.

2. A Story to Tell

Those who contribute to Learning Personalized have the willingness to share. They may be at the beginning of a powerful journey or part-way through the experience, but they open up about their hang-ups, hiccups and missteps. It is that dialogue that results in others feeling connected to the journey rather than only hearing about the end result and why many of my initial guest bloggers turn into series regulars. It’s fantastic, but it definitely requires a level of courage and heart to reveal the messiness along the way.

If you are interested in connecting with me or know someone who would be a good fit to contribute to Learning Personalized, please reach out.


Allison Zmuda