Session 1: The Role of the Teacher in a Personalized Learning Classroom  

Personalized learning is a progressively student driven model where students have an increased role and responsibility in the design and development of learning experiences. This session focuses on the three roles of the teacher — Lead Learner, Facilitator, and Coach — based on the intention of what the learning experience requires.

Participants will:
– clarify what personalized learning is (and isn’t)
– examine the 3 roles of a teacher to identify and imagine what instructional approaches would be helpful given what the learning requires


  • Click here for PowerPT slides
  • Article: Examines each of the 16-habits-of-mind
  • Click here to see district sample for What Personalized Learning Is and Isn’t
  • Aspirations teacher reflection in light of what learning requires

Session 2: Growing Student Ownership of Learning 

This session focus on two elements of personalized learning — goal setting and inquiry/idea generation — to engage students in deeper conversations on how to articulate, pursue, and monitor learning.

Participants will:
– briefly explore definition and elements of personalized learning
– engage in a deeper dive on how to grow the thinking and the design for goal setting and inquiry/idea generation
– take action by designing for a given unit topic or PBL idea



  • Clarification Tool that describe the range of each of the 7 elements from teacher generated to student generated
  • Reflection and Action Tool that poses questions about past and future practice that may help guide where to get started
  • Process Tool to grow student’s role in goal setting for Goals
  • Design Tool for students to use to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals (2 versions)
  • Design Tool to grow elements: Inquiry/Idea Generation and Task and Audience

Examples to Inspire

Example #1: AP Physics Teacher Mike Mohammad

Example #2: Social Studies Teacher Laura Stott

Example #3: Mark Wise and Global Challenge for 8th Grade

Example #4: Thought Process of Task Design for 1st Year Physics Teacher

Example #5: Innovation Lab (High School) Presentations of Learning

Example #6: AP/IB Bio Teacher Talks About How He Frames Designs with His Students

Example #7: 7th Grade Humanities Unit Transformation

Example #8: Scoring tool to grow Inquiry and students role in Evaluation of their own learning in an English Classroom

Example #9: Math Teacher Describes Feedback to Students in a PreCalculus Classroom

Example #10: Community Partnership at Kellam High School

Example #11: Rubrics: Collaboration and Critical Thinking by 5th/6th Grade teachers

Example #12: From Aveson, CA: Grade 1 and 2 Example

Example #13:From Newport News, VA: Math Rubric, Grades 2-5

Example #14: From Grade 3 Classroom on Authentic Audience

Example #15: Communicating with Parents about Change in Approach in ELA Classroom