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Personalized Learning — What it is and why it matters

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PL for AmSchool


Blog Posts on clarifying what personalized learning is:

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Task and Audience

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Using Case Studies for Higher-Level Thinking

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What Does Personalized Learning Look Like on Earth Day?

Blog post to imagine tasks using Google:

Website: Penny Harvest to teach philanthropy, collaboration, problem solving, and related subject-area content

Click here to have students examine toys from around the world based on the country.

Blog post: Click here to see how students worked to better understand homelessness in their local community

StoryCorps: Click here for instructions on how your students can participate; click here for great questions from StoryCorps to do a local version in your community

GLOBE: Click here to see opportunities to get students involved in data collection with scientists from around the world


Avon Writing Rubrics Aligned Grade 7.docx.pdf copy MATH_RUBRIC_2_5 DBQ Rubric


What do Grant Wiggins, Guitar Hero, and Gamification Have in Common?

Why Feedback and Self-Direction Go Hand in Hand

Ron Berger’s Powerful Example of Student Critique and Feedback


Research Writing Example

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