Intro and Framing the Day


Other Resources

  • Habits of Mind icons and related article

Part 1: Innate Potential of Every Learner

  • Anchored in reading (High Operational Practices) and formative check: Tree Map
  • TED Talk: Slides
  • Leader Led Focus:
    • Yvette Jackson – Connecting to personal cultural frames of reference to build community
  • Participant Led Focus:

    Brene Brown Braving from Celia Slater on Vimeo.

    • Option B: Video based on Kathleen Cushman’s work with students: What Kids Can Do and Chalk Talk Protocol (poster and sticky notes)

    • Exit Ticket: Haiku

    Other Resources:

    Part #2: Strengths-Based Pedagogy

    • Anchored in reading and quick formative check: 3-Way Summary (10-15; 75-100 words) optional —post on Twitter
    • TED Talk: Slides
    • Leader Led Focus: English & Special Education Teacher Dan Vollrath on Strengthening Executive Function and Metacognition with Students
    • Participant Led Focus:
      • Option A: Video from Bridgeport, CT where Students Taught Teachers about the Brain

        • Option B: Video from middle school in Maine

    • For participants that chose to view a video, come back together and engage in a double-bubble map comparison.
    • Exit Ticket: Simile for Strengths-Based Pedagogy (please post on Twitter)

Other Resources

Part 3: How to Design Learning Experiences Using a Strengths-Based Pedagogy

Other Resources

Part 4: Action Plans and Next Steps