Help me! Baby steps into Gaming With Clash of Clans

clan_screenshot_1_600_349_s_c1_center_top_0_0By Allison Zmuda with a lot of help from her daughter Zoe

As I venture into the gaming world with a little bit of prodding from my sensei Marie Alcock, she recommended starting with Clash of Clans. Not wanting to do this on my own, I enlisted my kids to help me learn. Marie said that she wanted me to actively learn, not let my kids do the learning for me. (That’s what happened when I tried and failed to learn Minecraft.)

So, this morning we started our journey. The part that I was fluent in was downloading it from the App Store. After that, totally at a loss. My almost-10-year-old daughter was texting her condolences to the loss of her friend’s cat and her friend responded that she was playing Clash of the Clans to make herself feel better.

Zoe texted her back that she just got the game and immediately her friend asked if she needed some tips to get started. Within three minutes she gave three tips to get started and a short video that she made to help us. Already the power of connections in the game were absolutely apparent.

Any tips for us as we get started on our journey? Please let us know!


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