How You Can Get Help if You Are Being Bullied

Craig Gastauer

Biology Teacher in San Diego County. Working to understand how I can improve the student experience for all students at my high school.

stop bullyingStudents bullying other students continues to occur throughout the world.  In the article from CNN, Kids get violent: China’s school bullying epidemic, the authors relate the story of Huang Tanghong, a 15 year old student who was bullied for years at his school in China’s Fujian Province.  For Huang and others who are bullied, the feelings of shame, fear, depression and loneliness can be overwhelming.  Whether or not the bullying becomes physical, as it did for Huang, student lives are changed forever.  Unfortunately, for the victims of bullying, the consequences of their trauma persist for decades as detailed in this article from the Los Angeles Times.

If you are a student being bullied, where can you go to get the help you need?  If you are a student, parent, educator or community member who wants to help, what are the best ways to do so?

Many have created websites to share stories of those who were bullied, to provide tips and ideas on how to combat bullying, and to provide ideas as to how to help students in need.  Check out the links below and share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

STOMP Out Bullying

PACER Center’s Kids Against Bullying

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