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Video: The Skills of a 21st Century Mind in Action

Video: Changing the Subject


Personalized Learning and Habits of Mind

Click here to see an overview of 16 Habits of Mind

Article from MindShift Feb 2015: What do we really mean when we say personalized learning?

Blog Post: Click here to read a response from Allison and Bena to clarify personalized learning

1 pager on key elements of personalized learning and how habits of mind impact the role of teacher and the role of the student PL Elements and Habits of Mind


Guidance from the State of Connecticut

Guidelines from the State of Connecticut on Personalized Mastery Learning

Student Success Plan Mission and Overview

FAQs from State of Connecticut on Mastery-Based Learning: Q and A on MBL


Organizational Change

Article:When Change has Legs

Article: Paying Attention to What Matters Most for Lifelong Learning


Dr. Eric Chagala of VIDA (Vista, Ca.) and Meghan Ofer of Roxborough (Littleton, Co.) chat with Allison Zmuda about what personalized learning looks like in their schools and what they’ve learned as building principals.

Q1: What does personalized learning look like in your school?

Q2: Is personalized learning appropriate for all students?

Q3: How do you work to grow professional practice?

Q4: As a building principal, what is one lesson you learned the hard way?

Q5: What is one thing you can suggest to a building principal to get started with personalized learning?


Examples of Personalized Learning with HOM

Website: 7th Grade teacher Pernille Ripp posts her student blogs

Wesbsite: Click here for 1st-2nd Grade example of playlist from Granby Public Schools

Website: Reinventing 3rd Grade; Douglas County, Colorado

Search on Learning Personalized for High School Biology teacher Craig Gastauer to see his personalized learning journey. Here is his first post to get you started.

Click here for a guest post from 6th grade teacher Noelle Johnson on what personalized learning is and is not in her classroom.


STEM teachers Brian Walach (math) and Dr. Sarah Goldin (science) highlight Greenwich High School’s Innovation Lab, currently wrapping up its inaugural year. The personalized learning program combines classroom lessons with hands-on projects to elevate student learning in English, math, science, and social studies.


Learning Path: