Better Together


What’s Your Why? Your Ideas

Connecting Ideas: PL Elements and Habits of Mind


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Equalizers: equalizer-full

Click here to read about a 3rd grade class that tackled “Snowpocalypse” in Atlanta

Click here to take a look at how a 4th/5th grade teacher reimagined her math learning block.

Click here to see how Passion Projects can be a meaningful part of the school day.

How do you coach for co-creation?

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Powerful voices: powerful-voices

Click here to view 8 Conditions for Student Voice from QISA (Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations)

Click here for Colorado Student Perception Survey, Grades 3-5

Click here for Colorado Student Perception Survey, Grades 6-12

Click here for guiding questions to generate student voice

 How do you coach for voice?

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Social Construction

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Grade 2 Example: Goals of Learning and Assessment Evidence for Coral Reef Unit. grade-2-example (Collaboration with Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Sigsbee Elementary School).

Click here for Roxborough Intermediate Example on Earth Day

Click here for Rebecca Alber’s post on improving collaboration in classrooms.

Click here for results of the Google Form

How do you coach for social construction?

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Click here to see how one school regularly engages students in reflecting on their learning experience.



Click here to see Ed Leadership article “When Change has Legs”

Personalized Learning Shifts: teachers-transition-to-personalized-learning