Product Review: Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses

Written by Cuda Zmuda and Olivia Manke
Cuda and Olivia are rising 10th graders who go to Princess Anne High School for the IB program

Cardboard Virtual Reality GlassesCardboard Virtual Reality Glasses are used with an apple device to allow the user to put them in a different place. You can go anywhere from Paris, to a roller coaster, to Disney World. We used the Cardboard VR Glasses to go into North Korea and Syria. We were able to see some of the living conditions and how strict the governments were. The camera people in North Korea were not aloud to leave their hotel without a government official with them. We actually got to see a government parade from all angles.

In Syria you got to look around the ruined cities from Syria. Towards the end of the video, you got to see the Syrian refugees board a ship to escape to their freedom.  ABC did a special regarding both this and North Korea among other things as well.

Using the Virtual Reality Glasses, you can use 3D imaging to actually bring you to the location. You have the opportunity to experience and see the surroundings.

Teachers could use this in the classroom to have kids actually get to look at the dinosaurs or a location of study. They get the opportunity to actually make kids understand what they are looking at. You can use it to actually go to the inside of a cell to discover the parts (organelles). There is also an app that allows you to go into space and look at the different stars, planets, and asteroids. There is also an app that would be good for medical students/colleges/anatomy class. The app actually allows you to view an actual cardiac surgery. That one is a tad bit more disturbing because it is so lifelike. But if that is what you like then that is okay.

Google Cardboard is anywhere from $5-$20. It all depends on where you shop. It doesn’t come as a whole. It must be put together.  It is relatively easy but it was still a tad bit confusing.


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