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What is the Personalized Learning Center?

The Personalized Learning Center (PLC) is a private Facebook group founded by Bena Kallick and Allison Zmuda, co-authors of Students at the Center: Personalized Learning with Habits of Mind. The purpose of the group is to provide grassroots, educator-to-educator networking.

What will you receive as a member of the PLC?

Facebook Group access to the PLC’s four facilitators:

Ask questions, engage around new ideas, and gain insight from these leaders in education.

Bena Kallick

Bena Kallick began her career in education when she helped start a teachers’ center and a children’s museum. Bena is now the Chief Academic Officer for Eduplanet21, owner of the Institute for Habits of Mind, a well-established consultant, professor, and author of over ten published works. Bena received her doctorate in educational evaluation at Union Graduate School. Formerly, Bena was a Board Member of GlobalMindED and was previously on the board of the Apple Foundation, Jobs for the Future, Weston Woods Institute and Communities for Learning.

Allison Zmuda

Allison Zmuda is going on 17 years as a full-time education consultant specializing in curriculum, assessment, and instruction. She is passionate about and excited to be a part of the personalized learning movement, working on site with educators to make learning for students challenging, possible, and worthy of the attempt. Zmuda has authored 10 books, most recently The Quest for Learning (Solution Tree, 2017) with Marie Alcock and Michael Fisher. Before she made the transition to consulting full time, Zmuda was a public high school teacher. It was her students who inspired her to write her first book.

Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher is a former teacher who is now a full-time author, educational consultant, and instructional coach. He works with schools and districts around the country, helping to sustain curriculum-mapping initiatives and immersion in instructional technology. He specializes in the integration of research-based instructional strategies to facilitate transformations of curriculum design, instructional practice, and professional collaboration, currently around 21st Century Fluencies, Common Core integration, and all that modern learning entails. He recently co-authored The Quest for Learning (Solution Tree, 2017) with Marie Alcock and Allison Zmuda.

Jill Thompson

Jill Thompson is the Personalized Learning Program Manager for Charlotte Mecklenberg Schools and the President of Edulum. She is an ASCD Emerging Leader Alumni, is the co-creator of #21stedchat, and #hacklearning ambassador. She is an Instructional Technology Specialist with a background that includes teaching fifth grade and time as a K5 math and science facilitator/coach. Thompson’s educational philosophy is to create a positive 21st century learning environment for students; setting the stage for their entire academic life. Teaching a rich, meaningful, and well balanced curriculum of skills and concepts through age appropriate activities, will encourage children to want to become life long learners.

An Exclusive Invitation to a Monthly Webinar

April 2018 Webinar: How to Leverage Personalized Learning in the Classroom

Concierge services

Grow Your Professional Network

Warm introductions to grow professional networks around an issue, problem, or feedback. This is invaluable access to the team’s connections grown over decades.

Refine Your Skills

Access to Mike, Jill, Bena, and Allison for one free virtual consultation. Tap into the team’s expertise around a specific idea or problem you’d like to address.

Expand Your Reach

Growing your authorship with exclusive access to Learning Personalized as a featured guest blogger. You will have access to the team to help shape your voice.

I’m in! How do I join?

Fill out the form below and you will be directed to a payment page. Once you’ve filled out the registration form, agreed to Terms and Conditions, and completed payment, you will be invited to the group!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Membership to the group is $10 per month or $100 annually for individuals or $400 annually for teams of five members or fewer within a specific school or district. Rates for entire schools can be negotiated. Billing is executed through PayPal or by sending a check. Contact for payment options.

Will the group have access to my personal Facebook account?

Definitely not! Being in a Facebook group with others does not give group members access to your personal Facebook account. If you would like to check on your Facebook Privacy Settings (see below) prior to joining, reach out to for assistance.

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