Complimentary Personalized Learning Center Registration

We know that you share our commitment to personalized learning. In the spirit of our new Personalized Learning Community on Facebook, we are pleased to offer you a 1-year annual membership (expires June 30, 2018) as an added benefit to working with us.  This community creates a unique networking space where we work to grow ideas on personalized learning. Features include:

  1. Access to Bena Kallick and Allison Zmuda — co-authors of Students at the Center (ASCD 2017) — where you can ask questions about the book and your work to implement ideas.
  2. Access to our coaches Jill Thompson and Mike Fisher as well as Bena and Allison where you can share ideas and receive feedback.
  3. Access to others in the PLC who are also engaged in work that is relevant and interesting to you.
  4. Zoom meetings facilitated initially by Bena, Allison, Jill or Mike as a platform to engage in these conversations. We hope to feature practitioners as the community builds.
  5. Regular blogs that describe either new ideas or practices that are working.
  6. Exclusive access to new ideas that Bena and Allison are developing.

Sign Up to Receive Access to the Group

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