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Adrianna Brumbaugh
Adrianna Brumbaugh
6 years ago

Hi Allison,

I was in your session this morning and would love to get a copy of the rubric you shared.

I’m excited to hear you are working with Jay. He has done so much for Mechanicsburg. As I now am helping others the rewrite of their curriculum using UbD, it would be wonderful to see how personalization comes in. My ELA department is actually experimenting with this idea right now, and it is because we have clear Transfer Goals and are teaching for understanding that has allowed us to move ahead in a purposeful way. We still have much to learn though; this website has a goldmine of resources to help!

So nice to meet you today.

kelli dean
kelli dean
5 years ago

Hi Allison,
I was in your workshop this spring in Burlington, Vermont. I am a principal in a small Vermont school (that will sadly be closing after next year) You and I talked about schools that are “doing” personalization well and you indicated you have a number of schools whose names you would provide to me. I am embarking on a year of study around personalization and inquiry in schools and would like to look at some models. Thanks for your time.
Kelli Dean