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Working at Henry Street School for International Studies and a teacher was describing a project that engaged the students as well as taught body systems. Had to see it for myself!

Read the project outline below and take a look at the attached is a sample of student work:

Body System Superhero Project!

Purpose of the Project:

The goal is for you to gain an in depth understanding of human body systems.


For this project, you must do the following:

  1. Choose one human body system – it can be any body system you wish! (Does not have to be a body system that we have covered in class)
  2. Research your body system using internet, encyclopedia or other print sources of information. You must include a bibliography with 3 sources that you used to obtain information on your body system (No Wikipedia)
  3. Create Your Own superhero with a modified version of the body system you have chosen (Superhero cannot be a superhero that already exists). The Body System Superhero will consist of 2 components:

1. A Short Story

(1 page in length, Typed in 12 pt, Times New Roman font) that illustrates his/her superhero strengths and super-qualities.

  • Required information in the short story:
    • What is your superhero’s name?
    • How did your superhero obtain their powers?
    • Name of chosen body system.
    • Organs/glands involved with this system.
    • Function of the system in the human body.
    • How is this body system enhanced in your superhero?
    • How is it modified?
    • What does it allow your superhero to do?
    • How does your superhero fight crime or save lives?

2. A Colored Drawing of the Superhero

  • Drawing must incorporate how the body system is modified or how the modified body system allows the superhero to perform his/her heroic tasks.
  • Drawing must correspond to the qualities of your superhero.

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