Enfield High School Focus: To draft a task with at least one other staff member that uses backward design principles and intentionally grows 1-2 of the personalized learning elements.

Does the task have an explicit, real-world connection?

·Do learning tasks extend beyond the classroom?

·Are students engaged in authentic learning experience?

Is the task personalized?

·Do students design their own tasks?

·Are tasks connected to students’ lives?

Is the task cognitively challenging?

·Do thinking activities include design, synthesis, creation, and application?

Does the task promote self-efficacy?

·Are there planned opportunities for students to participate in goal setting?

·Are there planned opportunities for students to track progress towards a measurable goal and for identifying interventions?

Document to Use for the Draft: Big picture planning guide

Slides: Click here for Part 1; Click here for Part 2

Part 2


Article: Bena Kallick and Allison Zmuda (Ed Leadership, 2017) Orchestrating the Move

Tool #1: Clarification Tool that describe the range of each of the 7 elements from teacher generated to student generated

Tool #2: Reflection and Action Tool that poses questions about past and future practice that may help guide where to get started

Tool #3: Process Tool to grow student’s role in goal setting for Goals

Tool #3: Design Tool for students to use to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals (2 versions)

Tool #4: Design Tool to grow elements: Inquiry/Idea Generation and Task and Audience

Tool #5: Process Tool to grow student’s voice and co-creation in Evaluation

Tool #6: Process Tool to grow student analysis and self-discovery in Evaluation

Tool #7: Approach to Feedback

Tool #8: Process Tool to grow student’s voice and co-creation in Feedback

Tool #9: Process Tool to grow student’s voice and co-creation in Demonstration of Learning

Examples to Inspire

Example #1: AP Physics Teacher Mike Mohammad

Example #2: Social Studies Teacher Laura Stott

Example #3: Mark Wise and Global Challenge for 8th Grade

Example #4: Thought Process of Task Design for 1st Year Physics Teacher

Example #5: Innovation Lab (High School) Presentations of Learning

Example #6: AP/IB Bio Teacher Talks About How He Frames Designs with His Students

Example #7: 7th Grade Humanities Unit Transformation

Example #8: Scoring tool to grow Inquiry and students role in Evaluation of their own learning in an English Classroom

Example #9: Math Teacher Describes Feedback to Students in a PreCalculus Classroom

Example #10: Community Partnership at Kellam High School