ePals Helps First Grade Students Connect with Peers Around the World

ePalsFirst grade teacher Kim Peters is acting proof that personalized learning doesn’t have to be expensive. Inspired by a summer trip she took, she decided to engage her students with ePals, which connects students around the world.

“I collected a few postcards that I could share with my students. Then I realized I didn’t have to limit the sharing to just my experiences,” she told the Dayton Daily News.

Peters collaborated with other educators around the world in the online community to share projects and ideas focusing on issues of global awareness and culture. The students not only learned from the shared information, they learned geography through tracking where the postcards were coming from, social studies through the culture differences.

“Many of the students’ families and even students from other classes have sent in postcards,” she said. “They wanted to participate as well, and they follow our map to watch for their postcards.”

The Springboro students are expected to connect with 100 locations around the world through postcards, emails and Skype by the end of the year. You can read more about this project here.

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