Finland Field Study

Marie Alcock, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Bena Kallick and I are in Finland! Follow our journey as we visit schools and learn from their practices.

VIDEO: Interview with Mikko Salonen

VIDEO: Bena and I Reflect

“There’s a sense of physical as well as emotional well-being that is not so much the teacher’s responsibility, but kids learning how to take care of themselves.” – Bena Kallick

Bena, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, and Marie Alcock and I are in Finland! Bena and I recorded this video after our first day, reflecting on what we learned visiting our first few schools.

One thing that really stood out to us is the way these schools teach responsibility – students are expected to take ownership of their own learning.

Another incredible thing … something built into the schedule was a 2-hour bike ride through the city!

And who was the physical education teacher? The teacher!

VIDEO: Insight from Oona

Day 2! Take a look into the window of our first school visit. We met Oona – a grade 3-6 textiles and technology teacher who describes an integrated topic for a 3rd grade class.