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Hampton Keynote

How We Want Our Students to Be

Thought-full Dispositions/Habits of Mind

For more information and examples, visit habitsofmindinstitute.org

Habits of Mind





Understanding by Design Glossary

Revised Glossary (WORD doc): Revised HGC UbD Glossary

Transfer Goals

Transfer Goals highlight the effective uses of understanding, knowledge, and skill that we seek in the long run; i.e., what we want students to be able to do when they confront new challenges – both in and outside of school.

  • Long-term in nature (ideally across K-12)
  • Emphasis is on independent and contextualized performance
  • Help to establish purpose and relevance by answering common student questions such as: “Why should I learn this? “What can I do with this?”

Supporting Slides: Transfer Goals

Illustrative Examples of Transfer Goals

Transfer Goals — definition & examples

Long Term Goals

Authentic Performances

  • novel challenge, problem, scenario
  • complexity that necessitates students to think strategically, rework, reexamine
  • measures desired results — especially Transfer Goals and Understandings

and where students are increasingly involved in co-creation

  • opportunity to frame challenge, problem, question or idea
  • authenticity of audience and form
  • opportunity to design approach, identify checkpoints, lead conferences/interviews, monitor progress, celebrate accomplishments

Middle School World Geography: 

Middle School Global Challenge

AP Environmental Science:

Sustainable Cities Project AP Environmental Science