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Slides: Summer UbD Session

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Revised Glossary (WORD doc): Revised HGC UbD Glossary

PDF Glossary: UnderstandingbyDesignGlossary_7-19-16

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Ideas for Implementation


PPT Slides on UBD/DI: Connecting UbD and DI

Performance task examples from Jay McTighe

Samples of how Elementary ELA organizes itself

K-5 Vertical Math Tasks

Math K-5 Vocab

Grade 1 – Unit D – One of These Shapes Is Not Like the Others 20160721

Grade 3- Unit 4 Reading- Biography What Makes a Person Important 20160721

Kindergarten – Unit 3 Writing – Our Own Stories with Friends 20160721

Grade 7- Unit 2 Reading – Critical Reading of Informational Texts 20160721

Grade 7- Unit 4 Writing- Writing About Reading – The Literary Essay 20160721

Avon Revised Content of Mathematics Draft

Avon communication tasks

What makes a powerful performance task?

  • novel challenge, problem, scenario
  • complexity that necessitates students to think strategically, rework, reexamine
  • measures desired results — especially Transfer Goals and Understandings

and where students are increasingly involved in co-creation

  • opportunity to frame challenge, problem, question or idea
  • authenticity of audience and form
  • opportunity to design approach, identify checkpoints, lead conferences/interviews, monitor progress, celebrate accomplishments






Performance task review form: Performance Task Criteria

How do you grade performance tasks? Click here for Jay McTighe’s blog on rubrics.

How do you design instruction in light of performance tasks? Click here for Jay McTighe’s suggestions for teaching implications.

Making a Case for Understanding by Design

Using backward design to design implementation process:

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How do we grow our collective assessment and instructional practice with Understanding by Design?

Sample 1 Look Fors

Sample 2 Look Fors

Sample 3 Look Fors

Sample 4 Reflection

Phases of UbD Initiative


Welcome! This is the landing page for our next two days together. You should find everything you need to get started here and if you need additional info, don’t hesitate to ask.

PPT Slides: Hampton Grove City PPT Slides

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Why UbD? Making the case to yourself and others…

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Grant Wiggins: 12 Ways to Kill Understanding by Design

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Want a word copy of the blank UbD template? Blank unit template

Sample Transfer Goals:

Long Term Transfer Goals

Sample Transfer goals and Statements

Sample Understandings and Essential Questions: 

K-12 Science: Sample from d127, Illinois

K-12 Social Studies: Sample from Avon, CT

K-12 E/LA, Reading: Sample from Amherst, NH

Math: K-12MathBigPicture

P.E. & Health (High School): Sample from Orangeville HS

Visual and Performing Arts: Sample from Region 6, CT

Career and Tech Ed: 6-12 Curr Fram_Career & TechEd