How to Coach for Thinking, Not Imitation


By Bena Kallick, Art Costa, and Allison Zmuda

Coaching to develop skills is different from coaching for thinking. When you coach students to build skill development, the expectation is that they will be learning by imitation. However, when you coach learning that requires deeper, strategic thinking, then your purpose is to ask the kind of questions that draw out the best thinking from the person you are coaching.

This type of coaching is a personalized approach in which a learner’s voice and agency is invited and imperative. When learners share their approaches, frustrations, and ideas with someone, it helps them to think with greater clarity and remain open to continuous improvement. In each of these blogs, authors are sharing the challenges of coaching for thinking as they adjust to teaching in a remote environment.

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Bena Kallick
Twitter: @benakallick
LinkedIn: Bena Kallick
Art Costa
Allison Zmuda
Twitter: @allison_zmuda
LinkedIn: Allison Zmuda


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