Terry Heick: Integrating the 16 Habits of Mind

Once again, Terry Heick offers some practical advice on how to get started with the Habits of Mind. Look for the forthcoming book co-authored by Bena Kallick and Allison Zmuda, Student at the Center: Personalized Learning and Habits of Mind (ASCD) to learn more about how the Habits of Mind are essential for inquiry based learning.

In his article on edutopia.org, Heick writes that, in outcomes-based learning environments, we generally see three elements at play:

  1. Learning objectives or targets are created from given standards
  2. Instruction of some kind is given
  3. Learning results are assessed.

These three steps are executed and repeated over and over again.

“But lost in this clinical sequence,” he writes, “are the Habits of Mind that (often predictably) lead to success or failure in the mastery of given standards. In fact, it is not in the standards or assessments, but rather these personal habits where success or failure — in academic terms — actually begin.”

Read Heick’s full article on edutopia.org!

Habits of Mind



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