Just Start

What can you do RIGHT NOW to become more focused and more willing to take risks to go after what you want?

The continuous process of Act, Learn, Build is a proven method in the entrepreneurial world with significant applications to all areas of life, especially education.

ACT. Take a step right now to make what you want happen.
LEARN. Evaluate the results.
BUILD. Expand your network, confirm (or shift) your strategy, and identify next step(s).

The Act, Learn, Build cycle is as transformative for kids as it is for adults. What kids, parents, and educators need is a new way of learning that taps into their desires and inspires them to take a step into the unknown where problem-solving, play, and failure are a natural part of the learning process. If you know something that you want, and you have the means at hand to pursue it, the most natural thing to do is act.

It starts RIGHT NOW with you acting on your desire using the resources at hand.