LEARN Sessions

Session 1 Materials

PowerPT for Session 1 and 2: learn-sessions-1-and-2-2016

Diagnostic tool on personalized learning — Google Form (see below)

Click here to see responses to Diagostic

What is your “why?” Transcript of Simon Sinek’s TED Talk: Leading the Change

Playlist to Continue to Clarify “The WHY” of Personalized Learning

Connecticut Context

  • White paper to rally for personalized learning in the state of Connecticut
  • Click here to see slide presentation from State of Connecticut
  • FAQs from State of Connecticut on Mastery-Based Learning: Q and A on MBL

National Context


OUR DESIGN CHALLENGE: Co-create definition on personalized learning — Google Doc

Habits of Mind:
Habits of Mind





Personalized Learning with Habits of Mind

Click the link to see connection: PL Elements and Habits of Mind


Session 2 and 3  Materials 

OUR DESIGN CHALLENGE: Create personalized learning task:

Click here for link to Google Doc

Click here to see the responses

Goal Clarity: Content

Goal Clarity: Cross-Disciplinary Outcomes:

From Madison, CT: Student Growth and Development 21st Century Matrix October 2014

From Manchester, CT:manchester-continuum

Examples from international authors and organizations: ideas-for-learner-outcomes


Personalized Learning Illustrative Examples

1st and 2nd Grade Science

Click here to see the reimagined 8th Grade Social Studies Curriculum from Madison, CT.


TRAILER: Anatomy of a Snow Day from Maxwell Project on Vimeo.

Personalized Learning Playlist for Session 3

Click here to see Jessica Craig’s math block

Evolution of the work with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. For more information on CMS Personalized Learning cohorts, click here.

Personalized Learning Student Profile

Whole Child

  • I actively support people in my classroom and school by encouraging them to do their best.
  • I demonstrate character that myself and others can be proud of in and out of school.
  • I build positive relationships around common ideas and aspirations to make the world better.

Student Ownership

  • I have a voice in what I’m doing (scope and relevance), who I’m doing it for (audience), and how I’m doing it (process).
  • I can articulate what quality looks like and  use that to set goals and monitor progress.
  • I give myself permission to struggle,seek feedback, and improve.

Mastery Learning

  • I know what is expected of me and work toward those expectations.

Paces, Playlists and Pathways

  • I control the pace of my learning: when I need to accelerate and slow down.
  • I control the path of my learning: I know which next steps to take based on my performance.
  • I develop my aspirations by actively exploring college and career opportunities.

What does that look like?

Whole Child

  • Learning Environment
  • Culture/Climate/Safe
  • Space
  • Learning Styles
  • Interest based learning
  • Opportunities for global relevance that develop awareness of other languages, culture and activities through virtual opportunities.
  • Strong Relationships
  • Growth Mindset
  • Social and Emotional awareness
  • morning meeting

Student Ownership

  • Student led conference
  • Classroom
  • Parents
  • Responsible for their learning
  • Metacognition/Reflection
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Student goal setting
  • Student reflection
  • Makerspace
  • Genius Hour

Mastery Learning

  • Data Driven Instruction (DDI)
  • Using data and making informed choices based on the use of data.
  • Resourcefulness
  • Standards Based Learning
  • Student Growth/Data Tracker
  • Meta Learning
  • Understanding your learning

Paces, Playlists and Pathways

  • Different learning levels
  • Small group mini lessons vs whole group
  • Learning opportunities outside of the school day
  • Meaningful technology integration
  • Authentic and meaningful problems, challenges, and tasks
  • Gaming
  • Flexible Schedule

Personalized Learning Playlist for Session 3

Three Steps for Creating Personalized Learning Playlists

Adventures in Playlisting

The Perks of Personalized Pathways and Playlists

Gooru Tutorial

Activate Instruction


It’s Time for Mid Course Corrections in K-12 Competency-Based Education

Jill Thompson Personalized Learning Blog Series

Sample Competencies from VT: Grade Level Clusters

Evaluation and Feedback

Session 4 Materials

Slides: final-learn-session


Personalized Learning Sounding Board visual: pl-controls

Coaching the Four Attributes (student version): attribute-printouts-students-copy

Coaching the Four Attributes (admin version): coaching-for-leaders

Implementation Challenges: pl-case-studies

Planning for Innovation: Ideas from Leadership and Innovation (McKinsey Quarterly)


OUR DESIGN CHALLENGE: Articulating the Vision

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