Making a Difference at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters

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By Zoe Zmuda

I am donating bracelets to make kids happy at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters. Because if I have an emergency I would go to that hospital and my brother went there because he found out he had diabetes. Last time I made 40 bracelets but only regular in a straight line. This time I am making bows, ladder bracelets, and triple-single bracelets. The complicated bracelets are easier because of practice and I want to make them because they are much cooler than the regular ones.

How do you make a difference in the lives of other kids?

4 thoughts on “Making a Difference at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters”

  1. Every other Saturday my family and I go to the homeless shelter and help serve food. Going to the homeless shelter is a very emotional experience because there are people of all kinds. There are old people, young people, tall people, short people and many others there. I love it when I get to see how my families and other volunteers contributions can put a smile on the peoples face are there. It makes me feel good to know that I am helping prevent them being worried because they don’t have to worry about getting food in their or their children’s mouth for that meal.

  2. This is a great blog! How much do your bracelets cost? I think people would buy them, if you post a price online. I am a principal at an elementary school. This is how I make a difference. I am glad to see your first blog. I was getting tired of reading Michael Fisher’s blogs about his grandma’s cookies and transforming schools. I hope to see more of your writing on this site!

  3. Hey Zoe! I think what you’re doing is really thoughtful and super creative… You are bringing color to other kids lives and that’s really cool. As for me, I like to teach kids how to swim. I coach a team called “Mini Dolphins” (toddlers) every summer and I like to think that not only does it make a difference in their lives, but it makes a difference in my life too. I love to see them grow as young swimmers and see how far they can get in just one summer. Their hard work actually inspires me! But all in all, I think I make a difference in their lives because I give them the courage and confidence in themselves to do what they did not think they could ever do.

  4. Response from Lily, 7 years old…

    Me and my friends Maddie and Morgan have a club called Kind Hearted Kids. We make crafts to share with people. Last Valentine’s Day we made Valentine’s at the library and then took them over to a Nursing Home and shared them with the residents. We also gave a lot of hugs and had hot chocolate. I also help take care of my little sister and I try to be a good friend to my friends Debbie, Andrew, Reagan and Sydney. I like doing nice things for other people.

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