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May 10 Session (Final one!)

Click here to see Today’s Agenda

Today’s goals:

  • Use common themes from the Yes, buts to nudge the climate piece forward for educators, students, and families.
  • Build common problem of practice into SIP for 2016-17 that grows an idea based on where your community is and how you can continue to nudge them forward.

From Creativity, Inc.

Key question: What’s actually going on here? Figuring out the heart of the braintrust.

Key question: What does the metaphor mean? How does that translate to the idea of personalized learning?


Homework for May: Draft no more than 1 page about a design idea you are trying to grow OR identify a problem of implementation in your practice for consultation. This can be a build off of the same idea or a new idea.

This time, please provide clickable links that illustrate examples, research, policies that are relevant to your design idea. Take a look at what’s happening outside of the State of CT. We will be repeating the same critical friends/consultancy protocols like we did on March 14th.

Alternate assignment: Dig into one of the following research questions that came from the Yes, but document:

  • What do we know about how to change beliefs for an organization? Matt Geary
  • Can we as a district articulate what the ideal “culture” looks like?  In actionable terms. Julie, Jim, Kerri
  • How are we supporting new learning in our district with staff, students, and families? Jim, Erin
  • How do you capitalize on the time you have and manage it effectively? Ann, Nick

Click here to access it.

Please send your 1 pager to Matt so he can place them in a common Google Folder.




March 14 Session

Homework for March: Draft no more than 1 page about a design idea you are trying to grow OR identify a problem of implementation in your practice for consultation. Yes, but buckets: Please collect examples of the significant yes buts that are raised in conjunction with developing the idea. These can be the voices in your head or the responses around you.

  • Culture
  • Growth
  • Time and Policy
  • Data and Research

Two Illustrative Examples to get you inspired (one elementary, one H.S.)

March 14 Agenda

Critical Friends Protocol

Descriptive Consultancy  Protocol


November Session

Ed Leadership Article “What Matters Most for Lifelong Learning”

PPT slides: Nov 9 Manchester Admin

Click here for TodaysMeet Link

Google Form Results:

Google Form for Generative Ideas:

Resources for Retreat

manchester – Transcript – TodaysMeet

Intersection of PL Elements and Habits



Slides: Revised Slides for Manchester

Homework for November 9: Journal Observations

  • Observe what you say, do, or think when you hear something like —“What do you want me to do?”
  • Where and when do you see someone using a Habit of Mind? Where and when do you see yourself using a Habit of Mind?
  • What examples do you see where students and/or teachers are personalizing learning? (in and outside of Manchester — email link to Allison to add to this page)

Check out Guest Post by your own Parag Joshi featuring TEDx 2015!


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