Mason Cohort

Ted Talk

Slides: What it is, Why it Matters, How to Do It

Seven Elements of Personalized Learning

  1. Slides: Protocol for Article and Seven Elements
  2. Orchestrating the Move to PL Article (Kallick and Zmuda, 2017; Ed Leadership)
  3. Clarification Tool that describe the range of each of the 7 elements from teacher generated to student generated
  4. Reflection and Action Tool that poses questions about past and future practice that may help guide where to get started
  5. Process Tool to grow student’s role in goal setting for Goals
  6. Design Tool for students to use to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals (2 versions)
  7. Design Tool template for Designing Tasks
  8. Design Tool for genres or communication forms for designing tasks
  9. Site Link to help grow self-direction: iCreate
  10. Process Tool for growing Student Voice in Evaluation
  11. Process Tool to grow student’s voice and co-creation in Feedback
  12. Model for Personalizing Instructional Plan, Grade 1
  13. Model for Personalizing Instructional Plan, Research