Mason City

Objectives (click here for Agenda)

  1. Develop a common understanding of the definition of personalized learning.
  2. Define essential elements of personalized learning for Mason City Schools.

Working Documents

  • Explanation of Personalized Learning in Mason City Schools: click here for Google Slides
  • Refine initial draft clarifying what PL Is and Isn’t
  • Slides for Role of the Teacher in a PL Environment

Essential Elements for Personalized Learning – click the Essential Elements title to be directed to the Google Doc

We will break into small groups based on the essential elements. Every building should be represented in each essential element group. Groups will work through the lens that each element will be:

  • Developmentally appropriate
  • Whole child centered
  • Oriented to both system and classroom level views
  1. Individual Learner Profile: Portfolio of artifacts, aspirations, actions, strengths and needs as a learner. Who is the learner profile for? Who enters information into the profile? How will it be used?
  2. Desired Outcomes: Skills and Mindsets of Difference Makers; Local, state, and national standards; Growth in relation to outcomes
  3. Learner-Centered Design: Choices, personal learning plans, conferencing, responsive/just-in-time teaching, meaningful, authentic, rigorous challenges, deeply engaged (the elements of instructional design describe in Orchestrating the Move to Student-Driven Learning)
  4. Learning Environment: Place-based flexible spaces internal and external to school, deeply engaging, supporting risk-taking
  5. Partnerships: Classroom level, system level, family connections, and community actions, how the learners interact with each other

Additional Resources