Making the Case for Personalized Learning

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Article: Examines each of the 16-habits-of-mind

Blog Post: FourAttributes with HOM


Sounding Board — Exploring Seven Elements of Personalized Learning Design

Ed Leadership Article March 2017: OrchestratingtheMove_Kallick&Zmuda

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What It Looks Like in Practice


Website: Reinventing 3rd Grade; Douglas County, Colorado

Website: Blueprint Program (Grades 5 and6)

Website: Playbook designed by teachers at Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools

Website: Habits of Mind Institute

Blog: series from David Russo (High School Science)

Blog: series from Laura Stott  (High School Social Studies)

Blog: series from Kristen Wright and Erin Cordova (Grade 1 teachers)

Blog: Global Challenges from Mark Wise (8th Grade Experience)

Blog: series from David Buller (High School Math)


STEM teachers Brian Walach (math) and Dr. Sarah Goldin (science) highlight Greenwich High School’s Innovation Lab, currently wrapping up its inaugural year. The personalized learning program combines classroom lessons with hands-on projects to elevate student learning in English, math, science, and social studies.

Instructional Plan: Research Writing Example

Instructional Plan: Algebra Example