Keynote:  What Personalizing is and Why It Matters in a Contemporary Classroom

This keynote clarifies a definition of personalized learning that can be powerfully acted upon in the library space. Participants will see a visual of the sound board as a metaphor for amplifying student voice in the design and development of learning.
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Workshop 1 (11:10-11:50)- Visioning the Library Program in Your School

This breakout session focuses on the broader goals of a library program and how library media specialists can use to meaningfully engage students and staff in the design and development of learning. Participants will have an opportunity to study school exemplars.

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Workshop 2 (2:50-3:25) – Growing Curiosity and Wonderment in the Library

This breakout session focuses on how we can grow capacity in our students as readers, researchers, and creators of texts. Participants will see examples of how librarians and teachers who work with them help encourage and support student curiosity and exploration.

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