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Take action, embrace uncertainty, create the future!

The next program begins October 10.      CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

Learn the fundamental, yet often ignored mindsets, skills and practices common to highly successful entrepreneurs that are applicable whenever you face an uncertain future. Learn to apply these methods to help create whatever you desire.

For the past three years we have been conducting a groundbreaking experimental program on the Just Start method. It’s original format was a two-day in person workshop. After months of testing and revisions, we are now able to offer a 9-session, self-directed online program that can be completed in 8 weeks or less. Over the course of the program, you will apply the Just Start method to take smart actions that produce immediate results.

“I took the Just Start Course while purchasing a small internet company. Just Start inspired me to think much bigger about the opportunities in front of us. Since then I have used the Just Start principles to guide my company through numerous iterations in our business model. Using these principles, we have grown the team to 30 people, and continue growing!”   Michael Salguero,   CEO and Co-Founder

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This course will enable you to:

  • Gain access to your innate ability to think and act entrepreneurially
  • Discover the power of doing what you love, clarify your aspirations and commitments, and learn why these can be more important than any one specific vision
  • Acquire a practical understanding of an enormously powerful, yet simple logic and methodology.
  • Develop self-confidence that is self-sustaining
  • Know how to apply this approach more broadly into all aspects of life, empowering you to:
    • Inspire others to help you achieve your vision
    • Take smart action in the absence of extensive data and/or a detailed plan
    • Transcend and manage risk
  • Leave confident and motivated to immediately apply the Just Start method to your life

 Just Start emphasizes action as a means for learning. If you are interested in joining, Register Here.


The Online Just Start Course includes 9 sessions. The first is a 45 min Introductory Session, held by conference call and conducted by Just Start author Charlie Kiefer or other faculty. (After registering for the course you will gain access to an introductory slideshow that you will need to view to prepare yourself for this session) The Introductory Session is followed by 7 self-paced modules ranging from 45-60 minutes that you will conduct at convenient times for you and two other participants either face-to-face or using your own conference line, Skype or other means. Each module includes 15-30 minutes of preparation. These 7 modules focus on taking action on an ongoing project of your choice using the Just Start method.

The course concludes with a 90 minute Capstone Session run by Just Start faculty.

Throughout the course faculty will be available to answer questions about content and logistics. Once a month, Charlie Kiefer and/or Len Schlesinger will hold a 90 minute conference call, lecture and Q&A session for participants and Just Start course alumni.

To participate in the course you will need a computer with high-speed internet, a phone for the conference call and a copy of the Just Start book.

Important Dates:

Intro Sessions –  October 10 6:00-6:45pm  or  October 17 (makeup) 6:00-6:45pm

Author Webinars –  October 3  7:00-8:45pm  or  October 23  7:00-8:45pm

Capstone Sessions –  October 2  7:00-8:45pm  or  October 24  7:00-8:45pm

(All times listed are Eastern)

Cost:  $275 $150      REGISTER NOW!

For a limited time we are offering the course for $150. In exchange, we want your feedback to help us continue to refine and improve the program. Please write us by clicking here with any questions.

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