Personalizing Learning for First Gen to College

Carol Carter

Carol Carter is a national and international student success author, speaker, and entrepreneur. She became the first female assistant vice president and director of college marketing at age 26. Later, as V.P. and publisher, she developed the widely acclaimed Keys to Success series to help college students connect their academic success to their future professional success.

In 2000, she started Lifebound, a student success company that provides academic and professional coaching skills training for K-12 and college faculty, advisors and staff.

Carol’s business experience and her international work help shape her unique perspective on how institutions of learning, youth development, and businesses can prepare students from all backgrounds and levels of learning to thrive in an increasingly complex world. In 2014 she founded her non-profit venture, GlobalMindED, to bring together leaders in education, government, business, and social enterprise committed to improving access and equity to education, employment and health.

The world of work is changing. We need to make certain that we are preparing all of our students to enter a highly volatile and uncertain workplace. GlobalMindED was launched six years ago to close the equity gap through creating a capable, diverse talent pipeline by educating low income populations with a strong, integrated approach that is multi-generational and globally minded.

The organization started with the concept that a conference would be a good way to start the journey. The conference invites teachers to sit shoulder to shoulder with industry experts who share their insights on the emerging careers in health, bioscience and technology that will underpin every profession. They meet entrepreneurs of all background, many of whom struggled in school and for whom the traditional grades and tests don’t serve or reflect their strengths. In K-12 and Higher Ed panels, they meet the global and national leaders who are setting the stage for equity with innovative and cross-collaborative strategies. Teachers learn to connect with the importance and need to inspire students to recognize their strengths as potential leaders for their future. Teachers who attend say that this is the only conference in education where they feel toe to toe with college Presidents, heads of companies and industry leaders-which is how teachers feel in Sweden, Finland, Singapore and other countries where teaching is equal to the highest-ranking professions.

In addition to teachers attending, 100 low-income teens and 100 First Gen to College students are among the 1,100 attendees at GlobalMindED. They are equals at the table with the educators, government leaders and businesses who are all committed to a diverse talent pipeline. With these students in sessions and as equals to people in their professional lives, faculty facilitate, collaborate and co-create with students in sessions. More importantly, in the 60% diverse attendees at this event, students see the many role models that they may not see at their more homogenous college campuses or even high schools. Many of the speakers and attendees are First Generation to College themselves and students can see who they are by a giant gold star on their nametags and on the website.

Following the conference, students will keep in touch through social media, Facebook and webinar events to connect them to role models, mentors, internships and jobs. Harvard Business School is one of our partners in this on-going professional development for First Gen students to build their success networks to promotion pathway employment and leadership opportunities over the course of their careers.

Our bold goal by 2025 is to algorithmically connect 25,000,000 First Gen high school and college grads, those who work with them and those who want to hire them to role models, mentors, internships and jobs. Think eHarmony for First Gen grads.

We look forward to co- creating a pathway to these outcomes with you and hope to see you June 5-7 in Denver. You can register here.

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