Questions when Mapping a Personalized Path

Mike was born and raised in Sheboygan, WI. Mike attended UW Madison where he received his degree in Secondary Education in Broadfield Science and Biology with additional certifications in chemistry and physics. He’s been a secondary educator for 16 years, 12 of which have been at Brookfield Central High School in Brookfield, WI. His interests in education focus on putting students at the center of their own learning experience. He lives in Brown Deer, WI with his wife and dog.

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Reprinted with permission from Mo Physics Mo Problems.

Personalizing learning is something I’m very passionate about in my classroom.

As I was driving using the new version of Apple Maps, it led me to some essential questions when framing paths to outcome mastery to give learners more autonomy.

Mapping Paths to Outcome Mastery

There needs to be different ways to demonstrate the same skills.

How will you allow for multiple paths to mastery?

If the constraints put on learners isn’t a part of the skills or content being mastered, it doesn’t need to be essential to the process.

How will you account for learner preferences on the path to mastery?

Most due dates are created by the teacher.

If mastery is the key, does it matter if it happened on Monday or Tuesday?

How will you make allowances for different paces?

There are so many great tools to assist all learners in letting them get to where they are going.

You are one of them.

How will you provide supports for those learners who need assistance?

You need to know where you learners are at before you can determine their first step towards mastery.

Pre Assessment is key.

How will you help learners that don't start where you planned to start?

Rapid cycle feedback from teachers is more powerful than any grade.

How will you provide feedback along the way to allow learners to make adjustments along the way?

Reflection and self-assessment are even better than teacher feedback.

How can you allow learners to monitor their own progress along the way to make informed adjustments?

Not every learner needs the same feedback and level of remediation when they stumble.

How can you provide different feedback for different learners?

Some learners may demonstrate mastery on a pre assessment, how can you push them even further?

How will you adjust for learners who already demonstrate mastery and are ready to go further than you intended?

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