Essential Questions and Inquiry

PowerPT Slides: Essential Questions

Samples: Subject Area Essential Questions

Drafting Ideas: Designing Essential Questions

Advice: Role and Use of Essential Questions


Real Engagement

PowerPT Slides: Real Engagement

Chart: Real Engagement

What Personalized Learning Really Is

PowerPT Slides: Personalized Learning

Illustrative Example: VA School Division clarifies What Personalized Learning Is and Isn’t

Article from Bena Kallick and Allison Zmuda (Ed Leadership, 2017) Orchestrating the Move


Designing Personalized Learning Performance Assessments Aligned with Standards

PowerPT Slides: Personalizing Performance Tasks

Drafting Ideas: Personalizing Performance Tasks


Inquiry Process

From Aveson, CA: Grade 1 and 2 Example

From West-Windsor Plainsboro, NJ: Global Challenge and Blog Post from Mark Wise describing event: Real Challenges

More Ideas…

From Newport News, VA: Math Rubric, Grades 2-5

From Avon, CT: Writing Rubric, Grade 6 Aligned with Standards

Rubrics: Collaboration and Critical Thinking by 5th/6th Grade teachers