Real Engagement

Thanks for attending our session, How to Move to Real Engagement with our Students.

Here are the materials so that we can collaborate during the session.

Real Engagement Chart

Real Engagement Jackson Zmuda 2015 ASCD

TASK 1: Analysis Using the Four Keys of Engagement: Clarity, Context, Culture, Challenge

TASK #2: Hotseat Exercise

As a part of our session, we are excited to offer ONE participant the opportunity to participate in a HOTSEAT. A hotseat is an opportunity to get US and the entire group focused on YOU, and your school or classroom student engagement challenge.

This is a hyper-focused, concentrated segment, where all of the brains, talent, and problem-solving abilities of the entire group will be directed towards finding the best solution for you. We’ll take what we’ve learned in this session and use it in real time to solve a student engagement challenge you are currently facing.

If you are interested in having US spend some time helping you resolve YOUR student engagement challenge, simply complete the attached form. We will be selecting ONE person for our session Hotseat.

The key here is to state the problem or challenge plainly, and be as succinct as possible in giving us the details we would need to know in order to provide you with our best thinking on the topic. The idea here is to get us up to speed inside of 60 seconds, so we can immediately dive into generating our best thinking for you.

Your goal with this exercise is: by the time you get to our session and you’re sitting in your Hotseat, you have a well-articulated, thorough yet concise description of the topic you want to discuss, and a short, easy-to- understand background brief so we can easily grasp the context.


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