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Ideas to Inspire Action

Lower School

Blog: K-5 Math teachers share problem-solving rubric

Blog: series from 1st grade teachers Kristen and Erin

Website: Reinventing 3rd Grade; Douglas County, Colorado

Blog: how a 2nd grade teacher uses goal-setting in her classroom

Blog: George and Sarah describe personalized learning writing project with 3rd grade students

Blog: Matt describes transformation of elementary STEM through V.O.I.C.E. acronym

Google Drive: Kindergarten reading goals (Designed by teachers at Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools)

Looking at Workplace Readiness Skills JK-12


Middle School

Blog: 5th grade teacher Natalie describes her journey

Blog: 7th grade teacher Natalie describes her Civil War project (ELA/SS)

Website: West-Windsor Plainsboro Global Challenge and Blog Post from Mark Wise describing event: Real Challenges

Rubrics: Collaboration and Critical Thinking by 5th/6th Grade teachers


Upper School

Blog: series from David (High School Anatomy)

Blog: Transforming 9th and 10th grade English curriculum (English department from Branford, CT)

Blog: Sustainable cities project by  Andrea (AP Environmental Studies)

Blog: series from Laura  (High School Social Studies)

Blog: 10 observations on personalizing learning from Brian (High School English)

Blog: approach to assessment in the classroom from Mike (High School Physics)

Blog: Paul and Carl share the power of having students connect with authors (High School Humanities)

Blog: series from David Buller (High School Precalculus)

Blog: joint reflection on high school from a student and teacher perspective



Sample from Denton ISD: Grades K-2 Teacher Rubric in Science













Sample from Denton ISD: Grades 3-5 Social Studies Rubric













Sample Avon Public Schools’ Argumentative Writing Rubric

Click here to open PDF

Sample Health Education Rubric

Sample Art Rubric

Sample Mathematics Rubric (High School: Communication)













October Presentation

Slides: October Keynote

Clarification of What Personalized Learning Is and Isn’t