Tuesday Presentations

Slides: STL Keynote

Slides: Allison Breakout

Math example: Big Picture Math (Transfer Goals, Essential Questions)

School Example: Blueprint

School Example: Design39

Blog Posts on clarifying what personalized learning is:

Education Leadership (March 2017) Article on the Sounding Board: OrchestratingtheMove_Kallick&Zmuda

Blog Post on the connection between the attributes and habits of mind: FourAttributes with HOM

Coaching prompts with students around four attributes: attribute-printouts-students

Breakout Session

Elementary : Focus on Inquiry and Idea Generation, Task and Audience, Instructional Plan

Blog post to imagine tasks using Google:

Website: Penny Harvest to teach philanthropy, collaboration, problem solving, and related subject-area content

Click here to have students examine toys from around the world based on the country

Personalized Learning from A-Z

Do You Pose Questions That Invite Metacognition?

How Did Fifth Graders Help A Museum Increase its Local Visitors?

Using Personalized Learning Pathways with Primary Students

Blueprint Design Thinking Protocol and Project Design

Secondary : Focus on Inquiry and Idea Generation, Task and Audience, Instructional Plan


Blog post: Click here to see how students worked to better understand homelessness in their local community

StoryCorps: Click here for instructions on how your students can participate; click here for great questions from StoryCorps to do a local version in your community

GLOBE: Click here to see opportunities to get students involved in data collection with scientists from around the world

Evolving Common Classroom Practices

Using Case Studies for Higher-Level Thinking

Authenticity of Experience in Performance Based Assessment

Fear and Excitement: Announcing a Civic Action Assignment

Brian Durst: 10 Observations of Personalized Learning

Starting to Shift: Using the Office Model in the Classroom


Imagining Homework That Helps


STEM teachers Brian Walach (math) and Dr. Sarah Goldin (science) highlight Greenwich High School’s Innovation Lab, currently wrapping up its inaugural year. The personalized learning program combines classroom lessons with hands-on projects to elevate student learning in English, math, science, and social studies.