Building a Culture of Trust and Innovation in Your Teachers: How to Leverage the Four C’s


How teachers and students feel about the work they are being asked to do impacts their degree of engagement. Their attitudes and dispositions are pivotal to success in being able to handle the complexity of challenges, problems and tasks within and beyond the school walls.

We want every learner, both teacher and student, to engage in rich, creative problems and ideas that require inquiry, analysis, and inventive solutions and creations.

Teachers and students need to partner as they make transitions into new ways of learning. This session focuses on the Four C’s — clarity, context, culture, and challenge to inspire and engage staff in the needed assessment and instructional shifts. Participants will explore each of the four C’s through examination of illustrative examples and current practice.

Here is the chart that compares: Compliant v. Engagement

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Here is the visual on who is driving the learning experience:





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