Breakout Session #1: Teacher Questioning to Grow Student Agency

How can we ask questions that help students engage and expand their thinking about what interests them?   As we all know, asking powerful questions can serve to clarify one’s fuzzy thinking.  Personalizing learning requires an inquiry mindset––one that is genuinely interested in what the other is trying to formulate.  This session will provide tips on how to develop questions that empower investigations, curiosities, and wonderings.

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Breakout Session #2: Designing Tasks to Measure and Motivate Student Learning

How can we move beyond the classroom teacher as the sole audience for student work? The level of willingness to persist, to step back and look at an idea from another’s perspective, and to think interdependently is more likely to happen with an audience that matters. This session will share ideas and examples of how to work with students  in  authentic ways that deeply engages them in thinking, creating, feedback, and revision.

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