Taking Action on What I Want to Do

By Guest Blogger Cuda Zmuda

I am a 12 year old boy that has Type 1 Diabetes. That doesn’t define who I am, but it helps understand what I have gone through over the past two years. I was diagnosed the week after Halloween with Diabetes. I thought my life was over because it changed the way I think about food. For awhile, food was the enemy. I had to take shots of insulin for the carbs at each meal. Early on, I learned that the fewer carbs I ate the fewer shots I had to take. My family tried to help me, but I was miserable.

spinach and pork wontons
Spinach and pork wontons

One day toward the end of last school year, my mom asked me what inspired me because she was working on this new site. I said that I wanted to be a chef but because I had diabetes I didn’t think I wanted to do that anymore. My mom asked how come? I said that there are no great recipes that I can look at anymore that have carb counts on them. Either they are gross and have a carb count or they are good and have no carb count. My mom said that I should start a blog that focuses on good food that I want to make but has accurate carb counts.

So that’s what I did — created a blog called, My Cool Carb Recipes: Kids Taking Control in the Kitchen. This was my first time ever writing for a broader audience. I have written for my teachers and my family. But this was something for the general public and I wanted it to be informational and show who I am. I find each recipe looking through cookbooks, magazines and websites. I put my own twist on the recipe and use the ingredients to figure out the carb count, I cook it, I plate it, and I take a picture of it before I eat it. It is a good thing that my dad worked in the restaurant business and taught culinary arts because he gives me advice when I need it.

My mom says that she is proud that I am taking action on my dream. Whether I want to do this professionally or not, I believe that it is helping other families whether they have kids with Type 1 Diabetes or not. Please check out my site. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.


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Linda Frohlich
Linda Frohlich
6 years ago

All of the dishes on your Blog look incredible! I’m looking forward to trying them out. Keep posting I could use some new recipes.