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Envisioning Contemporary Learner

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Cultivating Dispositions






Modern Learners – Students and Teachers 

How that Plays out in Pedagogy


Thorny, Rich Problems

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Three Learning Tenets

  1. The learner engages with relevant, worthy inquiries and experiences that are interesting or emotionally gripping.
  2. The learner engages in an active, intentional cycle with clear goals and right-sized, actionable steps.
  3. The learner engages in social, collaborative opportunities that grow expertise. 

Getting Ready to Launch


Action Planner

Brief Description of Quest Planning Portals and Personalized Learning: Quest Planning Portals – V2-2

Design Planner for Quest: Blank Quest Planner_AB

Link to Google folder —Tri-PreCon Quest Drafts— where Quest planners live. There is a blank template in the folder. Go to File, Make a copy, and rename it to identify your quest. Make sure that your copy is in the Google folder.

DAY 2 – Developing Design in Relation to Structures of Learning


Informing Learning Experiences with Program Structures -Sample

Developing Learning Experiences informed by Program Structures- template 

Generating Quest Designs

Student Self-Assessment

Digital Portfolios