Tony Wagner Discusses Play, Passion, and Purpose

As a full-time education consultant, Allison Zmuda works with educators to grow ideas on how to make learning for students challenging, possible and worthy of the attempt. Over the past 19 years, Zmuda has shared curricular, assessment, and instructional ideas, shown illustrative examples, and offered practical strategies of how to get started.

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A powerful TED Talk where Tony Wagner contends that the culture of schooling is at odds with the culture of innovating. A couple of key highlights.

  • Our schools do not need reforming. They are obsolete and need reinventing.
  • America has always been known as a highly innovative country. But is that because of or in spite of our education system?
  • What the world cares about is not what you know, but what you can do with what you know. And that is a completely different education problem.
  • Parents and educators need to encourage our children to get out and play, to do research, experimentation.
  • Vision for an innovative school. Team based. Interdisciplinary. Problem based learning. Taking risks, making mistakes and learning from them. Creating real products for real audiences. Intrinsically motivated.

What is your vision? What do you want for your children? For your students? For yourselves?

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