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Brief #1: Creating a Culture of Respect

Brief #2: Redefining Teacher and Student Roles

Brief #3: Implementing Quality Instruction

  • Leader-led Focus: Lorena Kelly on critical thinking and literacy
  • Self-directed Focus:
    • Option A: Six Keys to Learning (handout) and Jigsaw Protocol
    • Option B: Outline a typical instructional routine you engage in with students. Then consider how to make it more student centered — how you are expecting students to think, problem solve, and collaborate. Here is a math example to get you started.

Brief #4: Planning for Deeper Learning

  • High Quality PBL Student Focus
  • Leader-led Focus: Meghan Rafferty
    • Modeling characteristics of authentic performance tasks and projects by providing examples from DefinedStem to analyze Figures from McTighe, et. al. (2020)
    • Passcode for accessing Defined STEM: VASCD-DL. Participants will choose “new user” and enter the code, which will prompt them to create a username and password. This passcode is good from 2 weeks from submittal. All users will expire no later than 12/28 and no earlier than 12/14. 
  • Self-directed Focus

Brief #5: Embedding Assessment and Feedback

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