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Stepping out of your comfort zone: supporting students to encourage responsible risk taking and remaining open to continuous learning

What’s worth keeping? How to grow student engagement in the collection, selection, reflection, and direction process

  • Clarification Tool that describe the range of each of the 7 elements from teacher generated to student generated
  • Reflection and Action Tool that poses questions about past and future practice that may help guide where to get started
  • Process Tool to grow student’s voice and co-creation in Demonstration of Learning

Growing student voice in your classroom: creating a culture for listening to better understand

  • Article by Art Costa and Bena Kallick: Examines each of the 16-habits-of-mind
  • Tool: Ideas on applying four filters to grow student voice

Honing in on student experience through Project Based Learning

  • Slides
  • Framework for High Quality Project Based Learning that focuses more overtly on role of students