Epiphany Learning Webinar on Personalized Learning

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webinar personalized learningYesterday’s Epiphany Learning webinar on the four keys to personalized learning drummed up a lot of positive chatter on Twitter surrounding education consultant and author Allison Zmuda and Director of The Institute for Personalized Learning Dr. Jim Rickabaugh.

In case you missed the webinar, you can flip through the PDF to see the archived version.

First thing’s first: what is personalized learning?

“Personalized learning is a progressively student-driven model where students deeply engage in meaningful, authentic, and rigorous challenges to demonstrate desired outcomes.” – Zmuda, Curtis and Ullman (2015)

The webinar itself covered the four keys to personalized learning:

  • Establish clarity: Goal clarity helps students focus on a task’s purpose and how it relates to broader aims of schooling.
  • Create context: An opportunity for students to work with educators as learning partners to increase their stake in schooling.
  • Build culture: Creating a safe and respectful environment through authentic relationships.
  • Grow capacity: How do we collectively improve performance?

What did the Twitterverse have to say about the presentation?

I love what @drrickabaugh mentioned about making learning/content meaningful in the now, rather than down the road.

Transferring content learning to new applications that’s relevant to self helps to solidify learning and increase engagement.

I think teachers often think if you’re going to personalize, you have to for every child… however, it is a gradual release!

Love how this message, authentic tasks connect learners with contemporary talent needs for our modern world

Imagine how much greater the learning and progress would be if T always told S that “we’re in this together” @drrickabaugh

Love the thought behind Sense of Belonging in the 4 Academic Mindsets. That feeling is important to seeing value.

“Learning is a cumulative experience. It’s not a gotcha experience – it’s not a surprise.” – @allison_zmuda

Feedback is so powerful when it is actionable, specific and personalized

How do you use student self reflection throughout the learning process to make mid course corrections while learning?

“…teachers and students are working shoulder to shoulder, co-creating this…” @allison_zmuda You are such an inspiration!

What is Epiphany Learning?
Epiphany Learning is a groundbreaking K-12 Learning Relationship Management (LRM) System developed by CEO and Founder Laura Henderson designed to empower learners by giving them voice and choice in their education. It maximizes learner engagement, achievement and long-term success.

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