Webinar Series

Five-Part Webinar Series on Personalized Learning

Jill Thompson @edu_thompson
Allison Zmuda @allison_zmuda

SESSION 1 (May 26): What is personalized learning? Missed the live broadcast? Click here for a replay.

Personalized learning is progressively student-driven around rich problems, challenges, and ideas that are worthy of accomplishment.

Delivery Models of Instruction

Why personalized learning? The Problems

  • Economic POV
  • Student POV
  • Educator POV
  • Parent POV

Why personalized learning? The Promise

  • Better way to grow learners
  • Better way to grow performance


Please start video at 13:07. About 25 minutes.

Excerpt from Learning Personalized2 page reading assignment for next Tuesday’s conversation: ELEMENTS of PL Evolution

SESSION 2 (June 2): Identifying Key Shifts in Role of Teacher

Why the Teacher Role Needs to Change? (5-8 mins)

  • Teacher Continuumscreen-shot-2014-09-20-at-9-10-11-pm
  • Ways to make the shift up the ladder on the continuum

Please start this video at 1:02. About 20 minutes.

SESSION 3 (June 9): Personalized Learning Design Elements

Session 3 Slides

To start to see the presentation please forward to 9:00 to start. About twenty minutes.

SESSION 4 (June 16): Personalized Learning + Habits of Mind + Key Shifts in Student Role

Intersection of PL Elements and Habits

Session 4 Slides

Please start at 14:32 in. About 25 minutes.

SESSION 5 (June 23): Leading the Change

Slides for Session 5

Please start video at 7:30

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