Keynote (8:45-9:50) – The Roles of a Teacher when Personalizing Learning

This keynote focuses on the powerful roles teachers play to engage students in a personalized learning classroom. We explore what the expectations are of the world right now and how focusing on our interrelated roles of lead learner, facilitator, and coach can grow students capacity and future success. Participants will be introduced to the personalized learning sound board as an anchor for breakout sessions and further development.
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Workshop 1 (9:55-10:40) – Personalizing the Instructional Plan

How do you work with students to design learning that is challenging, doable and worthy of the attempt? This breakout session focuses on the role of formative assessment and feedback in designing instruction.

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  • #4: Model for Personalizing Instructional Plan, Grade 1
  • #5: Model for Personalizing Instructional Plan, Research
  • #6: Approach to Feedback
  • #7: Process Tool to grow student’s voice and co-creation in Feedback

Workshop 2: (10:50-11:35) – How Goal Setting with Students Helps Them Own the Learning Experience

What is expected of me? How do I know that I am getting better over time? This session focuses on how to guide students through setting and monitoring goals through a review of concrete tools and examples. 

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  • #12: Process Tool to grow student’s role in goal setting for Goals
  • #13: Design Tool for students to use to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals (2 versions)
  • #14: Article from Judy Willis (Psychology Today, March 2019)