What Do Future Schools Need to Be Designed to Do?

As a full-time education consultant, Allison Zmuda works with educators to grow ideas on how to make learning for students challenging, possible and worthy of the attempt. Over the past 19 years, Zmuda has shared curricular, assessment, and instructional ideas, shown illustrative examples, and offered practical strategies of how to get started.

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One of the key points in the TED talk Sam Chaltain makes —

“The fundamental unit of currency in education has been knowledge. We are due for some very big changes. So what’s next? What do future schools need to be designed to do?”

He is echoing a rallying cry that has become more pervasive on the national and world stage — and the Learning Personalized community continues to feature schools and classrooms who are engaged in imagining a response to that question.

Sam Chaltain’s core design principles to help think more intentionally about what it means to prepare them for the future:

  • Ultimate measure of success is not what children know but who they become
  • Set of skills and dispositions that can kind students through life
  • Ensure every person understands what it means to be free

Wait until the end where he plays a video of a murmuration of starlings. Is that an apt metaphor for the future of learning?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment thread or email allison@learningpersonalized.com.

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