White Oaks

Tools for Reflection, Design, and Action

  • Tool #1: Clarification Tool that describe the range of each of the 7 elements from teacher generated to student generated
  • Tool #2: Reflection and Action Tool that poses questions about past and future practice that may help guide where to get started
  • Tool #3: Process Tool to grow student’s role in goal setting for Goals
  • Tool #3: Design Tool for students to use to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals (2 versions)
  • Tool #4: Design Tool to grow elements: Inquiry/Idea Generation and Task and Audience
  • Tool #5: Process Tool to grow student’s voice and co-creation in Evaluation
  • Tool #6: Process Tool to grow student analysis and self-discovery in Evaluation
  • Tool #7: Approach to Feedback
  • Tool #8: Process Tool to grow student’s voice and co-creation in Feedback
  • Tool #9: Process Tool to grow student’s voice and co-creation in Demonstration of Learning

Elementary Illustrations

  • Blog: series from Kristen Wright and Erin Cordova (Grade 1 teachers)
  • Website: Penny Harvest to teach philanthropy, collaboration, problem solving, and related subject-area content
  • Website: Click here to have students examine toys from around the world based on the country
  • Website: Reinventing 3rd Grade; Douglas County, Colorado
  • Website: Playbook designed by teachers at Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools
  • Global Read Aloud: 2018 Challenge
  • Website: Blueprint Program (Grades 5 and 6)
  • Math Rubric Example from Newport News, VA: 2-5 Problem Solving Rubric
  • Transformation of K-8 Art Classroom with Personalized Learning