Successfully Working Through the Disruption of Change

Craig Gastauer

Biology Teacher in San Diego County. Working to understand how I can improve the student experience for all students at my high school.

J Curve - Working through changeChange.  Few words conjure such charged feelings from all stakeholders as “change.” There’s the excitement of implementing something new with the potential to positively impact student learning.  Expectations are high, goals are set, and strategies of implementation are discussed.  Others feel stress and anxiety at moving out of their comfort zone.  Even with support, teachers feel unsure at the thought of moving forward without concrete and proven plans of action.  And as implementation begins struggles ensue with an initial drop off in results.  This drop in success is often called the “J Curve.”

An explanation for the gap between expectations and the initial results of change is described in Four Strategies for Navigating the J Curve of Change.  This blog also provides suggestions as to what an organization should do to ensure long term success when trudging through the throes of the J Curve.

What have you and your site done to help new initiatives continue in the face of the J Curve?  Share your successes and ideas in the Comments Section below!

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