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how would you describe personalized learning?
students owning their learning through a progressive model
individualized and interesting to the learner
Relevant and authentic
personalized learning invites choice
providing an authentic opportunity for students to pursue learning that is interesting and meaningful to them.
personal interest
student choice/input on their education (including content and goal setting) student and teacher collaborate and partner
teacher as the rudder but student steering the learning with their own voice, choices being available, and less boundaries about learning
learning centered around student strengths
students are active participant and driver of learning
allows students to build on base knowledge but choosing learning experiences that are relevant are relevant
CHOICE, interest, mindset, ownership, etc.
Students drive the learning
personalized learning has the student driving and the teacher guiding the learning.
respecting that students know themselves as learners
Learning based on individual interest/curiosity.It would be on the instructor to create and facilitate the conditions that lead to this end.
students are able to explore, think "outside the box". They take ownership of their learning.
Progressively student-driven rigorous, engaged to reach stated outcome.
intentional time, opportunity, safety for thinking to happen. Kids know the value of thinking and own it. Adults as comfortable with space
Students need to feel safe and be able to trust the adults they work with.
That they will not be limited by what their parents can afford but rather where their grades and dreams take them
Spend a lot of time on compliance
The hope is to develop flexible thinkers, but often we are too directed in what we ask students to do, and even the "choices" are structured
To find a job in an area of interest and to be successful adults. To know how to interact socially face to face with people.
to be happy and interested in what they want to learn more about, understand how to identify questions, seek resources and find answers
That they have individualized skills to handle challenges and succeed in society
priorities: productive learning and positive pro-social behaviors
Hope: students emerge as creative, problem-solving lifelong learners.
Students who have mastered "the game" are validated at school and may not want to change
To feel comfortable questioning others and themselves in all venues in order to deepen understandings
Questioning that drives further exploration of thoughts and ideas
what do I spend my time on......meetings with parents and teachers and handling discipline issues in the bldg
Reality: Students too often engage in activities that 'occupy their time' more than 'liberate their minds'
Hope: students become the drivers behind "self developing" capacities and other opps will simply be a bonus.
Hope:students will be able to be effective problem solvers and enjoy their experience in school
Reality: I spend much of my day on management.
Adults in the classroom need to understand the need to change how they teach
hope: engage in life in a positive manner and in a way that is meaningful for them.
Reality: managing adults and students
I hope students feel liberated, free of judgement, and valued enough to be themselves.
Hope: students will obtain the skills needed to compete globally and are rigorously engaged in the classroom.
Reality: educators have to change what is done in the classroom when it comes to technology.
Hope: students understand that what they believe about themselves and others will have a great impact on what they can dream/accomplish
Reality: We're guilty of telling kids (indirectly and directly) what they should believe about themselves
getting going and keeping the momentum
Students taking ownership of their learning.
personalized learning is messy--and it can benefit all students
Allowing students to guide themselves in an interest/passion they have and providing feedback to their work.
How can experiences with Enrichment Clusters connect with Genius Hour/Personalized Learning opportunities?
We remember best what we learn when the learning matters to us
Academic skills are developed through personalized learning.
Having the opportunity to participate in Genius hour and listen to the students; it was amazing to see what their interests were.
Being able to "let go" and take a risk
When going to observe the genius session, I was amazed at the intricate information that a 2nd grader was looking to ascertain.
It's a shoulder to shoulder learning experience. The instructor must begin to get comfy releasing control of the learning experience.
how they came up with their ideas and the research and time they put into their work
Start, begin, explore
exciting opportunities to highly engage kids in learning
Impactful learning is often unanticipated thus the need for an environment encourages fluidity and reflection
messy, fun, exciting
Let the students take risks, failure is part of the process not the end of it, owning their learning will be satisfying
how students could be able to pursue their own interests even at the elementary level
There has to be a respect for a young mind- that the adult cannot learning because they are older. The thinking belongs to all of us
Genius hour gives staff and students option to explore the learning
Process is significant so that a student can know where they are going and evaluate their progress along the way
How will empowering kids to be more in charge of their learning positively impact the overall school climate&school-wide behavior over time?
risk taking by both the student and the adult - powerful learning for both
There are no mistakes in learning, just lessons. We must give our students and ourselves permission to make mistakes.
Engage students in an enviroment open to discussion that is interactive and exploratory.
creativity: creating, imaging, and innovating; thinking flexibly; taking responsible risks; responding with wonderment and awe
Creativity: All
creativity: creating,imagining, innovating, responding with wonderment and awe, questioning and posing problems, thinking flexibly, open
Courage: persisting, questioning/posing problems, creating/imagining/innovating, taking responsible risks
Striving for accuracy, applying past knowledge to new situations, thinking
Creativity: Creating; Applying Past knowledge; thinking Flexibly
persisting, strive/accuracy, apply knowledge to new/think and com/remain open
finding humor, thinking flexibly; responding with wonderment and awe
Collaboration: listening, flexibility, questioning, humor, responding, remaining open.
It motivates and connect with students